Stephen, Wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your help the past few months getting things put together for our mortgage and everything else. We really appreciate your insight into the process, how you explained things & helped us understand the importance of each step of the way. I know it was a crazy time to go through it so thank you for making it as smooth as possible.

2 years ago
John & Ali F.
Charlotte, NC and surrounding area

You remain the BEST lender I've ever worked with in 16 years of real estate Stephen...THANK YOU for taking care of us as you have and spending so much time. Eric G. Broker/Realtor

4 weeks ago
Eric G.
Charlotte, NC

You guys have been amazing with us, so thank you for all your support!

2 months ago
Dave & Mariko A.

'Embarking upon this process as first time home buyers in today's market can be very intimidating. However, Stephen and Team have been like a light within the storm. They are as patient as they are skilled and knowledgeable. Better yet, they've been a phenomenal resource post-closing! In short, they gave us the knowledge and confidence to move forward with one of the biggest milestones in our life so far. I HIGHLY recommend Stephen and team!!'

2 months ago
Marissa Angel and Casey Thorpe
Lake Norman, North Carolina

Steve and his team have been my lender for over 25 years and have gone above and beyond time and time again to serve my clients. Available, knowledgeable, and a great educator! Simply the best lender I've worked with in my Real Estate career.

1 month ago
Helen St. Angelo
Charlotte, NC and surrounding area